Are there any requirements to be featured?

There are only two requirements that we have for FREE features; Must be following us on our social media channels and tag us in your photo. That's it! There are no requirements for paid features, other than the content must be makeup/beauty related.

If I opt for a paid feature, when will it be posted?

All paid features are posted at the time of payment, unless otherwise stated by the purchaser. Some artists prefer a set time to reach their target audience. In any case, let us know and we will happily help!

In the case that we have multiple submissions, there may be a short wait time, but all posts will be posted within 24 hours of payment.

Will anyone know that I purchased paid promotion?

Absolutely not. Our paid features are posted just like any other feature on our pages.

Why should I pay to be featured?

Paid features are merely an option and not required. However, as we grow our feed, tags, and hashtags get flooded and it's impossible to see everyone. A paid feature will guarantee you a feature.


Did you work really hard on a look and you're super proud of it? A paid feature will grant you the opportunity for exposure that you may not have received on your own.

Is PayPal my only option for payment?

Send us a DM on Instagram and ask us about Cash App!

How much exposure is my feature getting?

As of May 2019 we have over 215k followers on our Instagram (check our page for an accurate count, as it changes daily) and it has steadily been growing by the thousands. It doesn't stop there though! Our posts average 200k reach {Reach is what Instagram considers as a unique number of views}. Please remember that 'likes' are great, but your REACH is far more important. We do, however, average about 4k 'likes' per post (This is an AVERAGE and not a guarantee of how well your feature will do). Our overall engagement rate is 2.3%. Please view the chart below to gather a better understanding of what that means.





(Image via influencermarketinghub.com)




Our InstaStories reach an average of 5k views within a 24 hour period, with a very engaged group of viewers who frequently click @mentions,hashtag mentions, and swipe up for links.